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A Day in The Life


8:00 AM – 3:00 PM (Summer)

08:30 AM – 3:30 PM (Winter)

Classes for all start at 8:00 am and go on to 3:00 pm in summer & 08:30 am and go on to 03:30 pm in winters, with a break for lunch. Protected from noise and pollution, the school is fully air-conditioned.

The creation of free access and space ensures that the children are not tethered to one classroom, but instead move between classes to the rooms activity centres of their subject teachers. The international curriculum is designed to ignite inquiry, encourage interaction, discussion and analysis, developing a strong bond of mentorship between teachers and students. Children enjoy well-designed, well-lit classrooms equipped with the latest technology, including AV facilities in each classroom. The well-equipped activity centres, well-stocked libraries and resource centres ensure students have every resource available to them with extensive high-speed internet one click away on this Wi-Fi enabled campus.

The academic curriculum strikes a balance with activities and sport. With dedicated Studios for activities in the Fine Arts, the children enjoy a wide variety of activities in the performing and visual arts. GDGGS ensures that every child enjoys a holistic education, integral to building confidence and self-worth.

The children leave school for the day as per the Bus No and Route allocated by Transport department.

There is something for everyone at GDGGS!