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Through leadership and communication, professional and curriculum development, documentation & resource management, the Academic Coordinator, Academic & Careers Office, Guidance Cell and Special Education Department at GDGGS are given the opportunity to develop administrative skills that build a strong school culture, shared values, beliefs and commitment to GDGGS.

With a commitment to a common vision and purpose, they have an international mind-set, with an eye on the big picture. Understanding the various needs of children, especially the academic and social needs of adolescents, they are supportive mentors who perform their duty with diligence and flexibility.

In the process of planning, organising, coordinating, collaborating and relationship-building, they exhibit instructional leadership while developing/evaluating curricula and encouraging the professional development of their colleagues.

With a thorough understanding of the International Inquiry-Based Curriculum and strong IT skills, they communicate effectively, exercise good judgment and participate in building collaborative structures that are reflective of their attention to detail, high standards, belief in accountability and desire for continuous improvement.

  • The Academic Coordinator at GDGGS
  • Collaborative Planning with the facilitators.
  • Ensuring the continuity of Academic in the school.
  • Provide guidance to all students