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Blossoming Together: A Parent’s Heartfelt Embrace of GD Goenka Global We’re delighted to share another positive experience from a parent at GD Goenka Global! There’s a magic that happens when you find a place where your child thrives and you feel like you’ve discovered an extended family. That’s the heart-warming story we’re excited to share from a parent at GD Goenka Global! This parent, whose precious child Abhiram in Nursery, flourishes in the school’s nurturing environment, describes GD Goenka Global as a warm embrace, a vibrant community where everyone feels connected and supported. Hear their heartfelt experience- “The main reason I chose GD Goenka for Abhiram was the strong sense of community. It truly feels like one big family, from the principal all the way down to the attendant staff in each classroom. Everyone is incredibly approachable – the teachers have been fantastic!” The teachers are always welcoming and never hesitate to answer any questions or respond to calls, which is especially reassuring for first-time parents like myself. My entire journey as a parent at GD Goenka Global has been wonderful. The school extends incredible support and takes a genuine interest in ensuring both students and parents feel comfortable and supported…They truly go the extra mile, and I wouldn’t hesitate to give them thumbs up!” Feeling the warmth? There’s more to discover! Click the link below to watch the full testimonial and see why GD Goenka Global could be the perfect place for your child to blossom in a nurturing and supportive environment. Watch Video

Ms. Poulami

Hear Ms. Aggie’s own experience: “As foreigners, we faced some challenges, but GD Goenka Global’s experienced staff made the enrolment process smooth in 2020. The school has a very open communication system with parents. We always felt involved and supported. The amazing teachers at GD Goenka Global went the extra mile to motivate my child, especially with a new language. GD Goenka Global provides a progressive environment where children learn to learn and prepare for the future. So again, I underline, if I were in a situation and had a chance to choose again, I would definitely go with GD Goenka Global.” Ready to launch your child’s global journey? Look no further than GD Goenka Global, the school that prioritizes international student support and fosters a progressive learning environment! Watch Laila’s full story and be inspired! Watch Here

Ms. Aggie

I am a happy parent of G.D. Goenka Global School. My boy is in nursery standard. He was so much impacted by COVID-19 that adapting to a new school environment was a challenge to him. The school admission coordinator Meenakshi Mam, the PYP coordinator Mandeep Mam, principal Mam were all so cooperative in handling in his non-adaptive phase of schooling.. that they listened, understood, and catered to the required needs of the child.. His prenursery and nursery teachers were all very nice and gentle to kids.. the class teacher-to-student ratio is also very good which is approx. 2:15. Which is very rare to find… In the class also, we had a shadow teacher with him who was taking his special care.. that also benefitted him in several ways in his adapting to the classroom environment, and involving in various activities like plays, dance, physical education etc. And various other aspects like speaking in English, writing practice, coloring practice etc. And lastly making friends in class, becoming socially amicable.. And the class teacher’s assistants the didis in the class are so cooperative, humble and kind and gentle.. that they treat every child with special love and care.. He remembers all his teachers and didi when school breaks come… reaches inside Meenakshi mam’s cabin to talk to her anytime.. I would highly recommend the school to all of you..!!

Ms. Mansi

I was inquisitive to explore GD global school cause i heard alot regarding the immersive and prodigious methods of teaching. I went and at first glance I readily made my mind to make my child get admission Here. From learned principal to intellectual teachers everything was just appropriate! The infrastructure was also designed to suit the growing needs and curriculum was designed to prepare kids to blossom in every facet of life!


We are extremely happy & satisfied by the school management & staff for being extremely supportive & caring towards the children. The extra curricular activities are diverse and helped in enhancing Reyansh’s talent.


GD Goenka Global School is one of the most innovative schools in Gurgaon. The staff is very cooperative and helpful. The school has a balanced approach towards co-curricular and academics. I personally like my son’s teacher who has an excellent approach towards her teaching practices. The school offers IB-PYP curriculum which is definitely a better model of teaching these days.

Tanya Chopra
M/O Aryan Chopra Grade 5 student.

GD Goenka Global School, Gurgaon is the best place to let your children learn and grow. Every day my children look forward to go to school. They very much enjoy their time in school and learn new things each and every day. They participate in a variety of activities and events and enjoy, both in their teachers and classmates company. The way teachers have helped our daughter Tarashaa Khatri in developing her individuality, while at the same time emphasizing on self-discipline and respect towards others, has truly been a heartening experience. Our son Nakksh Khatri has also truly blossomed over, academically and socially in the past few months.

Ms. Navina Chadha has such a bubbly, vibrant personality, always smiling and ready to assist. It has made our Jobs as parents easier.
The teachers are Professional, caring and well organized. They make themselves very accessible and are very supportive. The admission process was outstanding, they really care and truly want the best for your child. Such a wonderful school. We are completely satisfied parents.

Pooja Khatri
Pooja Khatri
M/O Tarasha Khatri Grade 1

Finding a Hidden Treasure: A Parent’s Perspective on GD Goenka Global We’re thrilled to share a heart-warming testimonial from a parent who has discovered the magic of GD Goenka Global! In this video, Ms. Shikha Patial, mother of Anahat Patial in Grade 2, shares their experience with our school’s innovative and nurturing approach, along with the engaging events and activities that keep their child excited to come to school every day. Here’s a sneak peek of what Ms. Shikha Patial has to say: “The school has a very positive approach and aura, and it’s quite evident through the various school events we’ve attended, like PTMs, the three-day conference, and the annual show that just recently happened. Oh, my God, it was so marvelous! Such a fantastic show, put up by the kids, by the students, the school staff, principal, teachers – everyone. They did a tremendous job there. I feel my child is very happy going to school. That’s what a mother wants. And she feels her opinion matters. And she’s been taken care of well in school, academically. Every student, I guess, is being paid attention, individual attention, which I like the most about IB.”✨ Watch the full video and hear why Ms. Shikha believes GD Goenka Global is more than just a school – it’s a place where children thrive and flourish! Click here to watch the video!

Ms. Shikha

GD Goenka Global School stands as a premier progressive institution, offering innovative teaching methodologies and a comprehensive approach to student development. My gratitude extends to the esteemed leadership team, particularly Ms. Navina Chadha, for providing an outstanding educational environment tailored to students evolving needs. As a parent, witnessing the growth and development of my child within the IB framework has been truly inspiring. I commend Ms. Meenakshi for her invaluable contribution to the admission process, ensuring a seamless transition for my child. Her proactive engagement and effective communication have significantly contributed to a harmonious school-parent partnership. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to HRT Ms. Ekta, who serves as the Grade 1 HRT, for her exemplary teaching and mentorship. Ms. Ekta’s expertise, passion and unwavering dedication to her craft are truly commendable. Her ability to foster an atmosphere that uplifts students’ spirits and guides them. Shivika’s Mother Grade 2 C.

Ms. Divya

I am amazed by the kind of exposure, love & warmth the school provides which is incomparable. My child loves going to school. He loves his Anisha Ma’am & I am a proud mother who took the right decision of getting my child admitted into GD Goenka.


I am very pleased to sent my daughter to GD Goenka Global School. Every day is enjoyable for her, with different activities to stimulate her mind and help with her development. She come back smiling and is always to go back next morning. The premises is clean and well equipped, with very engaging and interesting class rooms. I thoroughly enjoy watching photos of the various curricular and co- curricular activities arranged for the students. Teachers are well trained and doing their job excellently. I would highly recommend this school to other parents.

Gauri Arora
Gauri Arora
M/O Prisha Arora Nursery

Fantastic school! The teachers are Professional, caring and well organized. The admissions process was outstanding, they really care and truly want the best for your child.

Regina Chauhan
Regina Chauhan
M/O Shabd Raj Chauhan Grade - KG

GD Goenka has helped shape Onissh’s personality in just 3 months and we could clearly see the difference. Thanks to all his teachers & principal of GD Goenka Global School.

Deepti Gupta
Deepti Gupta
M/O of Onissh Gupta Grade 1