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Extra-Curricular Activities

Students explored the Japanese culture through a video where they learnt about different food, costumes and famous tourist spots. Our Japanese students show cased different greetings and a presentation that talked about Japan.

Highlights of Celebrity Kids Show by Makoons at GDGGS. The judging panel for the show included Taran Mehndi wife of Daler Mehndi, Dr. Harshali Singh consumer, Judge Author Writer, Mr. Sharma, Motivational speaker; Mrs. Shweta Singh, Miss. India 2019 and Mohit Behl, professional blogger.

Students of grade 4 and 5 participated in an educational field trip to Qutub Minar as per their Line of Inquiry on famous monuments and landforms. They learned about and experienced the history of the monument and got insights into many various natural features. The whole trip was very educational and fun-filled.

An assembly on ‘Stand up against Bullying’ was presented by Grade 4 students.
They showcased various types of bullying, how it makes us feel and action to be taken against it by performing a song and dance skit.

Another feather in the cap!
Our students participated in the 3rd edition of the Inter School Art Jamboree ‘Potpourri’ held at DPS Sushant Lok.Karuna, Our Kindergarten students competed in the ‘under the early years’ category for ‘Paper Plate Crafts’, while Aditi and Aayush of Grade 5 competed in the under the third category of students for ‘Confluence of Indian Instruments- Nadyog’ …we were proudly awarded 2nd prize!

Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time. It knows no boundaries and is a way of expressing our feelings as well as emotions. Students of kindergarten sang a prayer and Grade 1 to Grade 4 sang songs accompanied by live percussions.

Kids love magic. Magic is a performing art that entertains through seemingly impossible feats conducted by the use of tricks, illusion and well-practiced moves. The school organised a magic show in lieu of children’s day. The magician performed several tricks on stage which left the children astonished and mesmerized.

Avoir une autre langue, c’est posse’der une deuxieme ame.
Our French language student in Grades 3-5 displayed attributes of being open-minded while presenting the theme Voyage En France which means a trip to France. The students recited French rhymes, presented dialogues, a dance performance and also enlightened the minds of audiences with a brief representation of French Culture.